First day!

I can’t believe this little one has begun preschool. And she absolutely loves it. She loves it so much that she doesn’t even bother paying me much attention when I drop her off – no hugs, kisses, or even an acknowledgement of my presence.

I dig that and I much prefer that to her being apprehensive or anxious.

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A Better Future for Our Children

Image via Kara Gomez

Image via Kara Gomez

I had the great pleasure yesterday to spend time speaking, coaching, and mentoring kids at the San Antonio Code Jam. Complete props to Debi, her team, and the 100+ volunteers that came out to help with the event and, of course, Rackspace for providing an unbelievable environment for the event!

It’s hard to describe the event as a whole since I was pretty blown away by the the entire thing – seeing hundreds of kids actively and interested learning software programming at such young ages is so encouraging!

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Death to the “Ideator”

I believe that the majority of people who have “Ideator” as part of their job explicitly in their title and role/responsibilities should be stripped of it, partly because they have no idea (funny how that is, right?) what it really means pragmatically.

These so-called “ideators” talk big game, use large words and vocabularies, and are often elevated to near god-like status with their apparent ingenious thinking. Take a step back from the glitz and glamor and one may realize that most of them don’t have much to actually show for their thoughts.

What’s even more sad is that some of these people get paid to be what I call most simply “noisemakers.”

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Your 342,000 Swings


I love this article here about how many swings Derek Jeter has made over the course of his career. That’s an epic amount of swings. I also love what he has to say about this as well:

It’s just what we do. It’s part of the job. People in other fields do things over and over again in their jobs, I’ve just been doing this a long time.

We often find ourselves in awe and wonder about how other professionals become so amazing at what they do but the honest to God truth is always the same: They work hard and consistently practice.

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Too Spotty

For many, many years I felt haunted by what I felt was a spotty resume, an inconsistent and patchy job history. I was afraid that my seemingly inconsistent and irregular record of work was going to cost me future opportunity.

And when I reviewed my resume I felt ashamed; on many occasions I wouldn’t even apply because they would ask me to list my previous employment and the list, especially considering my young age, was too long to easily explain.

I was afraid that it would be misinterpreted as erratic and that people would judge my character as one who was not trustworthy, who didn’t work hard, and who was possibly incompetent and unmotivated.

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